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By Kellene Bishop


In 1979, my mother packed up all 5 of us kids in an old, beat up Nova, with a trunk-load of hastily gathered possessions. She had just recently given birth to the youngest child and was still breastfeeding him. She had no more than $200 of borrowed money to her name, absolutely no plan other than to “drive north” and all of the faith she could muster, she focused solely on taking us out of what she perceived as a dangerous situation. While the circumstances of that situation were indeed traumatizing, they didn’t carry the potential of death for any one of us. Continue Reading »

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Today I received a Google Alert regarding “Doomsday Preppers.” As I receive a litany of Google Alerts everyday, I’m accustomed to just taking a cursory glance and deleting any that are not immediately compelling. Unfortunately, the lead-in content of this article did compel me. I say unfortunately, because the author of this particular New York Times article made the poor choice of accusing Preppers, specifically those who appeared on National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers,” of zealously looking for “license to open-fire” on their fellowmen”, being “anti-life”, and “full of contempt for humankind”–oh, and that’s just a few of his malicious murmurings. (see NYTimes article here) Continue Reading »

By Kellene Bishop, The Preparedness Pro

Why in the world is Kellene Bishop, The Preparedness Pro, on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers? That’s just one of a litany of questions that I’ve received via text, e-mail, social media postings and telephone. Because the answer to this question has so much to do with self-reliance and preparedness overall, I’ve decided to answer that specific question on my PreparednessPro.com site. However, there are a whole lot of other questions that I feel are more appropriate for here. I personally am surprised that folks actually care about these answers. But I’m happy to share if that’s what you want. Some of the questions I’ve received are as follows: Continue Reading »

By Kellene Bishop

With the upcoming premier of National Geographic TV’s Doomsday Preppers (airing  Feb. 7th, 2012), I have decided to finally take some time to write a piece for this blog. On the 7th, beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, National Geographic will be airing two episodes. I will be featured on the second one. Nope, we’ve got no idea at all what footage, content, or angle the show will take for my segment, and that’s just going to have to be O.K. whether or not I have patience.

Right before we started filming I prayed in earnest for 3 things: 1—that I didn’t want to bring shame to my faith, 2—that my actions would speak well of practical, peaceful preparedness, and 3—that I wouldn’t bring any shame to my husband or the rest of my family with my actions.  I suppose anything can be edited to sound like anything that a person wants nowadays. But in spite of some logical reasons why a “prepper” such as myself would NOT appear on a television show, and some rational reservations expressed by my husband right up to the last minute, I felt very strongly that I needed to go forward with it. Even after reading the riled protest of another prepper who was featured on the pilot episode and believed that she was maligned by being edited in an unflattering way. (In fact, I was actually surprised with her ire because personally, I thought the show reflected well on her and secondly).  I’m more of the opinion that if you don’t say anything embarrassing, you don’t give them any ammo to mess with.

But there was an additional concern that both my husband and I had in moving forward. We were both concerned about whether or not I could physically endure the rigor necessary for two days of filming. My health had really tanked recently. Prior to the scheduled shooting days, I had been in bed in some serious pain right up until the first day of the shoot and was certain to have some more pain to deal with—with or without 16 hour days. But again, I felt strongly that this was something I should do and that the Lord would fill in the gaps of what effort was still necessary after I did my best. And it turns out, He was right. I moved forward with some minor debts, but I moved forward in peace nonetheless.

My faith did not go unheeded. One miracle manifested itself early on and came in an interesting way.  About 6 months prior to the filming for Doomsday Preppers, I had been asked to participate in a show for The Learning Channel. Like the Doomsday Prepper show, as I prayed about it I felt strongly that I needed to do it.  It took weeks of work beforehand to perform some really hard labor and long days to get everything “camera ready.”  The last few days leading up to the shoot for TLC, I had several friends generously donate hours out of their day to help me really go in and get all of our preparedness supplies, food items, and other parts of my house organized—you know, for the dang cameras.  As I added to those supplies over the next 6 months, it was simple to stay organized and neat—thank goodness, because little did I know that my health would be so compromised less than 6 months later when National Geographic’s production company wanted to come into town.  There was no way that I would have been able to put in the physical exertion again for that many weeks to get ready for Doomsday Preppers.  As it turned out, not only was I SO incredibly blessed with all of the work that had been done earlier in the year—it was done in exactly that same areas that Doomsday Preppers would be filming.  As it turns out I was also doubly blessed because the 3 long days of filming that I had for the TLC show really prepared me for the lesser, 2 days of filming that I had with the National Geographic TV crew. Instead of being nervous and self-conscious, I was more ready to just be me. And by the looks of the first commercial that I’ve recently seen promoting the show, I kept my sense of humor about me during the process—thank goodness!

When I watched the previous episodes of the pilot for Doomsday Preppers which had aired the summer before, I was actually really impressed with how they presented the individuals. I saw plenty of things that I know non-preppers would scoff and scorn—but I suspect it would be more from the foreign nature of the self-reliance thought process and lifestyle, not because the people were portrayed as loons. I didn’t feel like I saw anything that would be embarrassing to a person who was willing to be more self-reliant in their life. I think all of the people were portrayed as positive, level-headed people who have firm hearts that drive them to take care of themselves and their families in the face of the realities that they believe will come their way some time down the road. I heard no talk of zombies, or threats to harm and kill anyone else, nor did I hear anything that I thought was incongruent with a preparedness lifestyle. There were tactics that I disagreed with, but nothing more than what a football coach might come up with after watching his team play. I was shocked—in a good way—to be frank, and impressed. I didn’t know that television could ever accurately portray people mindful of self-reliance in a rather accurate light.  And frankly…I was jealous.

Not only was I jealous of some of what I considered to be FABULOUS set-ups (a car that runs on wood, plenty of acres, all family members drawn near and on the same page, an entire self-sustaining ecosystem right outside your backdoor, and naturally generated energy with plenty to spare!) But I was a tad bit jealous for another reason. You see, I was invited and had accepted to be a part of their pilot show. I was excited about the concept. But a little bit of Hollywood politics got involved and suddenly I was informed midstream (last winter)  “Oh! The executive producer of TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’ saw all of your stuff and when she found out that you coupon too, said you HAD to be on their show!”  I guess they hadn’t seen a grocery “stockpile” like mine quite yet on their relatively new series. (I hate that word, by the way. When I think of a stockpile, I think of garbage. But that’s just me.) I was relatively appalled when I looked at their pilot episode portraying what I thought were crazy people who I thought would fit better on TLC’s Hoarders. (In fact, at least one of the women featured in the pilot is an absolute fabulous couponing guru AND entrepreneur that I have a great deal of respect for.)  I was nearly certain that I didn’t want to be a part of that show. It wasn’t me. It only remotely had anything to do with self-reliance because couponing was one of the strategies I employ to be sufficiently prepared without breaking the bank. “But I don’t want to be on their show. I have no interest in looking like one of those crazy people. I like YOUR show” I explained to the black hole of sound on the other side of the phone.

Needless to say, I went through all of the work and everything to do the TLC show hoping that SOME good could possibly come out of it that would benefit my passion for preparedness. As it turned out I got the best of both worlds. I didn’t get embarrassed and shamed by being featured on the show because I actually stuck to my guns during filming. I didn’t want to argue with my husband in front of the camera or maliciously tease him. I didn’t want to clear a shelf of items that I would never need or use. I didn’t want to buy things just because they were free in order to get my dollar number down. In other words, I guess I didn’t play well with others for TLC because, thank the Lord, my segment was scrapped. I’ve never been so happy and relieved about being kicked off a team in my life. No one had to hit me over the head to help me see that THAT was a blessing, but I confess that since I did feel right about moving forward to do their show in spite of my misgivings, the fact that the show got scrapped gave me no small amount of self-doubt as to my ability to listen and hear which way the Lord was guiding me—but only for a moment.

A of couple months after the TLC thing died down, I got the call from National Geographic TV and was invited to do their show.  I had never applied to be on their show; they simply called me clear out of the blue. Cool.  I remember after they called me, thinking,  “Hmmm.  Maybe I really was supposed to do this show.”  But then I went back to my cynical stuff. “Burn me twice” and all that… As such, I didn’t really allow myself to think much of it after that first day. I guess I had my guard up. I told myself not to get too emotionally involved this time around because nothing would come of it. So each time another e-mail and another “hoop to jump through” came across my e-mail, I just took it with a grain of salt knowing that it’s in the Lord’s hand. I’m a short, seriously overweight, nothing special woman in a suburb in Utah who’s a bit batty about being prepared for whatever curveballs come my way. I don’t believe in preparing for “the end of the earth. I mean really, if it’s the end of the earth, who in the world am I to think that I’ll battle against the Lord’s will to end it all and come out the victor?  So, what could be so interesting to a show called Doomsday Preppers? *grin*

This was my frame of mind when I was sent an intimidating, small-font, lengthy  appearance contract from the production company on behalf of National Geographic TV. Being the daughter of two generations of attorneys, and with a brother and a sister-in-law as attorney, and having been responsible for drawing up all of the legal documents for my own commercial financing days, I felt comfortable reviewing the contract myself. And on my own I felt that there was a very problematic portion thereof. Just to be on the safe side—not wanting to cause any trouble where it wasn’t necessary—I ran the concerned area of the agreement past my dad. Unfortunately, he agreed with me exactly. He and I discussed that just 5 words would make the agreement acceptable, but otherwise, I just couldn’t sign it.  So, when the executive producer sent me an e-mail asking me for the status of it, I sent it over to him but with my 5 word modification. (In hindsight, it’s kind of cool that the big whig was following up with me for the things he needed from me. I mean wasn’t he busy enough having lunch with some of New York City’s biggest personalities? Hee hee)  A day passed and he e-mailed me back and apologized explaining that it’s their hard and fast policy to never accept modified contracts. They never make exceptions to this, and no, they weren’t even supposed to ASK to make an exception either. I either have to take it as it is, or there would be no show experience for me. I was surprised at the peace, and the fact that I wasn’t bummed out as I kindly wrote him back, told him that it was too bad that I wouldn’t be on the show but that I was still a big fan of it and would be happy to cheer them on from the bleachers instead.  I expressed hope that he would understand that I just could not knowingly put myself in such a risky position with the way that the contract was presently written. OK. Yes, I allowed myself to be a bit bummed right after I hit the “send” button on that message, but I knew that what I had done was right and that was going to be enough.  Though once again I did question whether or not my spiritual wires were fried. Why did I feel so positive about moving forward with the show if it was just going to end up being all for naught? Oh well. I just shrugged my shoulders and figured this was just going to have to be one more of these moments that I would understand later in life when I was more mature spiritually. (that’s what I always try and tell myself when I just don’t get it. *grin*) I had officially kissed that boat good-bye. Imagine my surprise when I was e-mailed just what I needed to address my contractual concerns—something I was told would never be done. I literally got goosebumps when I read the words on the e-mail. The “never happen” just became a “no problem” occurrence.

It was a great experience indeed and for so many reasons. I learned so much, I was helped so very much, and I look back on what my husband and friends and I presented to the cameras without any misgivings or regret.

As the commercials begin airing nationwide for the episode to air on February 7th, 2012, I’m shocked at how much feedback I’m getting—a mix of good and bad, foul and crass language along with the congrats, haters and lovers. I’m pleased thus far with what’s on their website and the smidgen of footage I’ve seen in the commercial. I hope that when people watch it they see the realistic side of preparedness and relate to the good old fashioned value of being self-reliant and taking responsibility for our own care, our own family, and our own health. I hope they cut through the zombie and apocalyptic nonsense and see the value and honor of being self-reliant. Dare I hope that a couple more folks will jump on the bandwagon? Yup.  I do indeed.

How to handle a real life wardrobe malfunction? What caused a room full of 30+ women to gasp in shock? Do the Preppers get paid to do the show?  Just how “real” are some of those moments?  How many cameras are on you? How to lose a camera for the sake of privacy?  Tune in for Part II…

By Kellene Bishop

What’s the saying? “We do not negotiate with terrorists?”  If only that were true of the lawmakers in Texas and everywhere else in the U.S. for that matter, because based on what I’m seeing nationwide, not only do we negotiate with terrorists, but we throw our own women and children at them as a sacrifice to appease their demonic appetites. Harsh words, perhaps, yes. But no harsher than the inexcusable cowardice which is being demonstrated by State Governments all over this nation in response to the DHS and TSA policies of stripping the freedoms from this nation’s air travelers.

I find this incredibly disturbing. Apparently the Federal Government has threatened Texas that if they do not allow the unlawful sexually invasive pat downs to continue in their state, the Feds will make Texas a “no fly zone.”

Texas has admirably been working on passing legislation which would make it illegal for the TSA trademarked pat downs to take place. Unfortunately, this threat seems to have been all that was needed to get the sponsoring State Senator to pull the proposed legislation thus negating any vote on it.

You know, more so than this heinous mob group called The Department of Homeland Security, I find cowards to be even more reprehensible.  I simply cannot abide them for any purpose nor to any length.  There was a time that such cowardice behavior constituted death to the coward, based on the belief that if one would not fight for freedom he was no longer eligible to enjoy its fruits.

Texas, and every other state in this nation, do the right thing and don’t back down from repealing this horrific practice from our airports! It has NEVER resulted in any good for any citizen of this nation. It blackens the heart and sensibilities of those who perform the searches and it dehumanizes those who are forced to endure such a blatant threat of false imprisonment, and many other constitutional violations and assaults.

Where are our brave men and women within the borders of this nation who will fight for our freedoms? Have they all been deployed to foreign nations to play a part in the amateur and deceptive production of “World Peace”?

See link here: http://stopaustinscanners.org/2011/05/come-and-take-it/

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By Kellene Bishop

La Jolla Grove opened several months ago–July of 2010 to be exact.  A girlfriend and I went there shortly after they opened their doors. With every mouthful of food, drink, or dessert we assured ourselves that we would be returning. If I had written a review that first time I would have begged everyone to RUN to enjoy this delightful restaurant. I had told my husband back in July that I thought this would be my new favorite restaurant in town. However, I have a rule to never judge on the first experience–especially with a new opening. I have found that they can be abysmally inaccurate representation of their potential or a false start. So I always wait for a second trip prior to writing the review. So, return I did, this time with my husband in tow. Sadly, it simply was not up to par this time around, as if the honeymoon stage had worn off. Continue Reading »

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By Kellene Bishop

So, ironically within moments of me posting my last comment, Congressman Chaffetz’s office contacted me through my blog here. I called them as per their request and spoke to a staff member by the name of Troy. I’m not sure what I expected with the call, but he was cordial and spoke very candidly. Unfortunately though he didn’t have any earth shattering news for me about what is being done about this issue. Unfortunately since that post, I’ve seen the issue and the problems compound substantially.  Since my first letter to him we’ve had several recordings (audio and visual) make it to You Tube depicting DHS’s Brute Squad–showing us proof after proof that the very worst of our concerns are indeed valid. One man reported being touched 360 degrees all around his mid-section along the flesh. A three-year old girl shrieking in horror as TSA groped her.  A 28 year old woman told of her horrifying story of being touched in her genital area during her pat down.  We even now have the well known line that starts  “if you touch my junk…” etc.  Today on my Facebook wall, a woman commented that when she refused the full body scan, TSA informed her that she would be subjected to “a full body cavity search.” Continue Reading »

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After reading the latest article on the invasive nature of the new TSA “security measure, I decided to write my Congressman, Jason Chaffetz, a letter begging him to take notice of the problem. Previously he came out and wholeheartedly condemned the full-body scan at the airports. So I’m hoping that he’ll have an even stronger objection to this new “alternative” to the body scan, a physically invasive full body pat down.

I have no earthly idea why we can’t permit proven CURES for cancer in our nation, yet the FDA has no problem poisoning our body with the full-body scan x-rays and why the local authorities have no problem with a complete stranger patting down a 13 year old girl.  The worst part is that this is all done in the name of “security” and even worse, millions of Americans are actually ACCEPTING this!

In rereading the letter I wish that I had posed the question as to why this illegal search and seizure is acceptable in the first place.  Aren’t we assured freedoms from illegal search and seizure? Isn’t there a little something known as “probable cause”  that must be met prior to us being  violated in this manner?  A police officer can’t even stop me while traveling in my car without probable cause, and yet we are required to subject ourselves to sexual foreplay at the hands of a stranger, simply because we don’t want to be seen as scantily clad as the latest pin-up porn star for the TSA?

Anyway, I thought I’d share the letter I wrote Congressman Chaffetz. If he responds, I’ll share that information as well.

Dear Congressman,

First of all allow me to congratulate you on a solid win.  Considering how riled the American people were against incumbents, you have to be feeling pretty pleased right now.  I hope that you will take Senator Demint’s words to heart that he wrote in a letter to incoming freshmen. I feel it’s applicable to all politicians in Washington D.C.  Truly you and your wisdom and courage to do what’s right are prayed for in our family.

Next, I recognize that you have fought against the electronic body scan at the airports. I’m seriously concerned with the back lash that is now coming out though—the physically violating pat downs.  I’m not afraid to say Congressman, that if someone touched me that way in the line at the grocery store or movie theater, my first instinct would be to physically defend myself with whatever tools I had available.  I also know that if anyone ever touched my children in that manner they would be taken to jail so fast their head would spin. So why is this acceptable? It’s so Machiavellian! So degrading and completely ineffective in securing our nation. How about the intelligence community start paying attention to tips they get? Or how about they stop treating war criminals like royalty?  I’m certain that such actions would do a whole lot better to keep our nation secure than stripping a law-abiding person of their integrity.

The position that we are free to “opt out” of the body scan only to then be subjected to very vocal embarrassment is unacceptable. (see Opt Out of a Body Scan? Then Brace Yourself)

It’s not a choice. It’s a bullying tactic, I believe, fully intended to create more submission to the full body scan. This immoral and invasive pat down reminds me of the Pharoah’s knee-jerk reaction to the Israelites when he essentially said “You’re complaining about your work?  Then how about you make bricks with no straw! Then let’s see what you have to complain about.”  Seriously, Congressman, this has to stop!

I have to agree with the sentiment that I’ve been hearing lately that this is all just a ploy to “soften us up” to this kind of authoritarian rule.  It’s frightening to me on several different levels, not the least of which that our society has morally decayed to the point that some human being actually thought this was an acceptable solution.  Picking the lesser of two evils is still a choice for evil. Can you please, please help us with this?  I know that you would NEVER want to witness your children being patted down by adults in this manner. This knee-jerk reaction is simply empowering our real enemies as it requires us to subject ourselves to this violation of our sacred bodies all in the name of “security.”

Additional humiliation comes at the hands of those who conduct the pat down. They aren’t polite or honorable—without exception. They remind me of a drunk who’s just looking for a fight. They reek of ego and defiance.  At least the law enforcement officers are trained to be professional at all costs—even when facing a perp with a firearm aimed at them, they actually say “Sir, put down the gun.”  After the pat down one is then subjected to every single item that they’ve packed in their purse or carryon to a thorough hand check with no regard for maintaining the condition of the items—this check is in addition to the fact that the containers have already gone through an initial x-ray inspection. I’ve had several important items broken or ruined due to this type of inspection.  I’m certain that this new philosophy is hurting the airline industry—and yet it won’t be long before we hear of them begging for a bailout. Adding insult to injury is knowing that our tax dollars actually pay for brute squad to perform this intolerable treatment.  We have to subject ourselves to what amounts to the same dignity of a public strip search but we are unreasonable if we expect that our luggage and property will not be stolen, broken, or irreparably damaged. Property loss or damage has simply become “the norm” with no one accepting any accountability for the losses.  Please, Congressman, stop the insanity! Please protect us as you have vowed you would.


Kellene Bishop

Orem, UT

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“Harsh Rhetoric”

In one of the mindless media reports today, the reporter shared something to the effect that the Tea Party Convention in Nashville was full of harsh rhetoric against Barack Obama and his voters. The reporter claimed that such “harsh rhetoric” would keep the Tea Party from being taken seriously and keep them on the fringe.

 I couldn’t help but think that such a statement was so hypocritical given the offensive, fraudulent, and vile rhetoric we have to hear from so many in Washington, D.C. as of late, including from our Usurper in Chief.

 “The United States is not a Christian nation”

 “I must apologize for the United States.”

The DHS diatribe believing that those who sustain and support the U.S. Constitution are somehow predisposed to be terrorists to our nation and that returned military veterans are more susceptible to such dangerous ideology as well. 

Most Americans today could go on and on adding to this list of untruths.  Even more importantly, I believe that the majority of the words I hear coming from Washington D.C. and the lap dogs in our mainstream media are not even conveyed with any intention of being informative or accurate, rather to sway and manipulate.  And to me that makes them the defilers of truth and leaders of the most harshest scheme of all.

 Now that, my friends is “harsh rhetoric.”

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I have to say that I think it’s absolutely despicable that the Federal Government is so detached from the country that it’s called to serve that the sovereign states have to pass laws to PROTECT themselves FROM the Federal Government.


Over 30 states are considering laws to opt out of Federal health care.  Another dozen states are not taking any chances on the 2nd Amendment being trampled in their state and thus are passing laws to uphold the right for individuals to own and carry firearms manufactured in their own state without any obstruction from federal law.


 As despicable as our Federal Government is being at present, I’m grateful that I live in a state in which the truths of our unalienable rights still mean something. Heaven help Illinois, New York, Maine, California and other states who have willingly whittled away their dignities, liberties, and freedom.

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